Last month my bussiness communication lecturer give us an activities, that is if we lost our memory, and forget all thing about before already, ask us to try take that paper, give the selected person such as, the new friend that just meet at Mib, lecturer, Mib workers, last time school friend, family, best friend, office staff and etc.

  So i take the paper and go though all of them to get the respond from them, most of them also writing good comment, actualy im waiting for some bad comment about me. But i still can't get the bad comment. Is that i realy so good, hahaha ( just kidding ). So from those comment, i notice that im a quict funny person, i like to make my surrounding people happy and laugh.

  Then from the company slogan that i search, ADIDAS - Nothing is imposible & DIGI - I'll follow you. I form a funny slogan just like my attitude, NOTHING IS IMPOSIBLE FOR ME TO FOLLOW YOU. I wish to follow all of my friend to make them happy everyday, smiling everyday. I wish to follow my parent to make both of them no more stress, only laughing every moment with me. I also wish to follow every in sadness mood people, i hope my funny and happily can infect and also share with them in addition them back from sad mood to a life with full of happily and not sadly. I realy has this heart, so its not imposible to me follow you~~~ and bring you happiness.


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