Nowaday, divorce cases in Malaysia is getting serious. In Oxford Dictionary defines divorce as the legal dissolution of a marriage. So, divorce is the end of family life. Divorce existed since the inception of human life. And it is found in every society. But the percentage of divorce varies from a society to another due to the way of life in the particular society and other living factors.

  Malaysia withnesses a gigantic growth in both its economical and social lives. As a result of the growth the trend of life of the Malaysian people has changed. This lead to positive and negative consequences. Malaysia has a very high percentage of divorce. The average of divorces cases based on statistics reaches to 20% per year.

  In my opinion, divorce is such of cruel thing had i ever met. Because of my secondary school best friend, she let me know that marry with the right person it is so important. Her story is about her parent always argue everyday, she had a oldest brother and also an youngest sister. Her dad din't like her wife go works, but her dad never think about, his salary its not enough to support the spending of whole family in 1month, eventough they live in a very simple life. The climax of this story is her youngest sister, she was born but she can't spoke correctly, untill now she was 12 years old, she only know some simple calling just like daddy, mummy and popo (grandmother). When she telling me about her sister, she cry in sorrowful and grieved, cause her sister never call her as sister. Because of her sister born, her dad was shirk all the responsibility to her mother. Saying that because of her working at outside everyday, and make the baby unhealty. So, they divorce.....

  And then the family is now split. Their life is getting toilsome. Because of the stubborn and selfishness of her dad. Divorce make they 3 brothers sisters seperate with each others forever and ever. Actualy i feel that a couple that wanted to get marriage, not suppose to know each others deeply, confrim that both of them can accept those all good and bad on each other just go apply to get marry? They can choose to born a baby, but did a baby can choose their parent? They even can't! I just hope those divorce cases can lessess down, because marriage meaning a very happy thing, the couple handling themself to each other, trust each others and take care of each other until they died.


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